Touchscreen panels are smart and versatile

Your security panel should be reliable, intuitive and loaded with functionality. Full-color touchscreen panels are easy to use, and they do more than just arm or disarm. They give you dependable cellular connectivity, communication with our monitoring center, and easy control of compatible smart-home devices.

Monitored alarms detect smoke and CO

It’s not enough to have an alarm that just makes noise. If it’s wirelessly connected to your panel, an alarm can alert our monitoring center to smoke or carbon monoxide. When first responders are quickly dispatched, it could make the difference between a manageable emergency and a catastrophic loss.

Medical response for you or your loved ones

Accidents are a serious threat in any household, but especially for people who live alone. That’s why medical monitoring devices, such as an alert pendant, can make a huge difference in safety and protection for people of all ages by bringing help as soon as possible.

When it comes to your family, every moment matters

That's why we're so passionate about your safety - you want to feel protected every moment of every day. Core security is a great start, but Comprehensive smart-home technology takes safety to the next level.

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